Your first session

At beautiful image of connecticut, we are committed to a stress free experience every time. This includes friendly staff, soothing decor, and an inviting environment. Here is what to expect from your first session:

Nice to meet you
Your session starts
During your session
End of your session

Nice to meet you

Once you arrive at our center, our front desk coordinator will greet you and ask you to fill out a brief information chart.  This is where you will record any medical history pertaining to the neck, head or face area, and any other skin conditions we should be aware of.  Our staff will greet and review this with you and discuss any specific areas you would like to address.

Arrive Early

Arriving 15 minutes early gives you ample time to complete your paperwork, relax and unwind before your session begins.


Your sessions starts

You will be led away to a peaceful, spa like treatment room where a comfortable table awaits. We will ask you to first wash your face, and give you a few minutes to do so, and unwind.  Listen to our tranquil spa music, or watch a bit of television while you wait.


Anything that you want to communicate to us during your stay, let us know.


During your session

While having your session, just relax and enjoy the rejuvenating feeling of the micro current face lift treatment.  After half your face is completed, and we will give you a mirror so you can compare the results.  Once you compose yourself from giddiness…we will continue on the opposite side.   :)

Be Yourself

Some people like to talk during their session, and some people like to relax without conversation.  You lead the way.


End of your session

Once your session has completed, we will recommend options for you.  This includes different packages we have to maintain and improve upon the results we achieved, along with monthly memberships which have wonderful benefits.  We also carry the Mlis line of facial products which are amazing to enhance your look!  Be sure to register on our mailing list for different promotions, specials and offers we have throughout the year!

Follow Thru

Once your session has completed, your tech will let you know about our ‘best practices’ options and memberships to enhance and improve your results.

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